We appreciate all those who have helped us with the Left Field Ferrets!


Kelly Buschiazzo and Freddie Michel

Without them, there would be no rescue! Kelly helps us with ferret food, bedding and some gas money for rescues and car parts. She is officially Grammy of Bambi and the late Little Tom but is now Grammy for all of the Left Field Ferrets and our dear friend! She is currently having health issues and I would appreciate everyone send prayers her way for a speedy recovery.


Deb Nolan and Leslie Taylor

Huge supporters of this place! They live way up in Northern NY, and helped rescue 3 ferrets until we could get them here. Two of those ferrets got a great home in Pennsylvania, the third is still here but going soon. We appreciate their kindness and will stay in touch! They need your prayers, too.


Shawnda Frizzle

Shawnda has donated towards vet care and we appreciate her generosity! Located in Nebraska, we might not ever meet, but she is a great friend to the rescue


Past Vet Care Donations:

Nolan Hamilton (donated in honor of his mother, Maureen Brenner, and his late ferret, Stella Blue).

Charles Hare

Gretchen G.

Patricia Shaskin

Samantha White

Laurie Napier

Caitlyn Romich

Gina Coffey

Brian Stumpfol


There are many more to thank over the years, so even though you might not see your name yet, please know we will never forget your kindness! I will list as our memory serves and as I find more paperwork.