Our Ferret "Roots"

We saw a special program on PBS about ferrets in 2010. It showed how smart they were, and it made us wonder: what would be the effect of crystals on them? Our other pets over the years had very enlightened existences, even the fish in the tank were showing more awareness. 

It was Crystal who started it all. We got her in Feb 2011. She was our first and taught us as much as we taught her. She went everywhere with Tim in the canoe fishing at the mouth of the Salmon River, at Port Ontario where we lived. Many saw her, and the cat that waited on the shoreline (Fancy) for them to come home with salmon, bass, or pike. She came with us to the farmer's market there, where she was well known. Unfortunately, she only lived to five years old. She died in a car accident. During the time that we had her, other ferrets started coming, like Karma. She was given to us by someone at the farmers market. Then Twinkie came from an extended family member. And with the three ferrets, we were all set for a while. Sadly, Twinkie died after only a year with us, but she was happy and free.  

As the years progressed with Crystal and Karma, life was great and full of discovery. We went everywhere with them, learned how to walk with them, travel with them. Then Crystal was ripped away so suddenly, and our souls died with her. Nobody could ever replace Crystal; Karma preferred to be a homebody, and rarely cuddled. Then we bought Loca, and for the first time bonded with me, too. She was a very curious little ferret and went through our best efforts to prevent escape. She ended up meeting a neighbor's dog right away and that was it. The worst part was not knowing the truth until later; hoping every day that this would be the day she would be found. Once again, we lost our souls.

Soon after that we bought Cookie, trying one more time to see if we could have a ferret here. That was the last time we paid for a ferret. And Cookie picked up, it seemed where they all left off, and it all became about Cookie. From that point on, Cookie was trained as an emotional support animal for Tim, and just had her 6th birthday. She is the smartest one we've ever seen. 

Over the years, there's a lot of little orbs that fly around this house and we really think there's animal spirits here. Crystal and Loca found a way back home, with all the other ferrets since then who have crossed our path and crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. 

Cookie Monster is out there on all social media, and she has thousands of followers. We'll give our links for all things for Cookie. And now we have the website! We're hoping all this information can help somebody out there. To do anything to help the ferrets is a wonderful thing. They deserve our help. They deserve love, play, freedom, patience. These are very good, very gentle creatures capable of great things. No, they don't excessively bite. The only time a ferret bites is if it's mad about something like, oh, being caught in a cage all the time perhaps. They should come to you de-scented and fixed from Marshall Farms to the pet stores. A fixed ferret has 1 or 2 dots in their ears; if it doesn’t, beware! You will have to pay at the vet’s for it to be done, ka-ching. They shouldn’t smell gamey either, just a little musky. 

And they'll devote themselves to you as much as you're going to devote yourself to them!