Our Crystal Philosophy

We have had crystals in our lives for decades now, and they have made a huge difference in our lives. Any pets we have had, down to fish in a tank, have been affected by this energy. It elevates their life force, and helps them evolve in ways no one can dream of! It's all about energy, and crystals raise vibration; the higher the vibe, the best, most positive manifestation is possibleHence, the lower vibe, the negative possibilities seem to happen. The Universe responds either way, and it cares not what your choice of feeling is. This filters down to everything in your life, and the pet benefits from the crystals by how they make YOU feel. A simple crystal in a water dish is an elixir to drink, and any metaphysical property passes on. The biggest thing is better health for longevity, more awareness of the world around them, and how they interact with others. For example, we seem to grow really large things in a small fish tank! They swim freely around them, and their interactions with the life outside of the tank is real; they study US! Cats and dogs respond with more mellow behavior, and fierce protection at the same time. And the ferrets! They are smarter, more empathic to people and other species around them. Ok, we have had lots of crystals around, and most people will never have this many. All we can say is this is our experience; we are spiritual in nature, and when you approach things with an open heart and mind, holding a crystal, the possibilities are endless! 

The best part of the necklaces is that they sit nicely over your heart chakra! Of the stones for sale, consider the following properties in your choices. Crystals come in many shapes and colors, and the variations have many meanings. Clear crystals are always desired, but don’t think there is no value with other kinds. Dark ones are Smokey crystals; these are excellent for getting rid of negative energies. The purple stones are Amethyst, and it’s the color to God, your crown (head) chakra. Also considered a stone for sobriety. Agate slabs tap into Earth’s basic energies, and provide balance and stability; the same goes for Apache tear drops (obsidian). Any green stone is the color for healing. Red colors are usually for energy. We have a small amount of Rutilated crystals with gold strands in them; they were shaped and polished to show these features. Crystals come from various locations, but this time the majority we have are from Brazil. Some on the table are from Tibet and Arkansas, and will be labeled as such. Differences among the crystal locations vary, but Tibet crystals are younger by millions of years. The Arkansas crystals were formed by the forces that came together when the dinosaurs were taken out by the asteroid 65 million years ago. South America is a hotspot for volcanic activity and is rich in all minerals.  

All crystals continue to grow, it just depends on the atmosphere around it. The faces start to heal in some way, like cracks healing or clearing up inside, which I have witnessed. The Arkansas crystals take about 20 years, but Tibet crystals are much quicker and changes are mere months ln the making. They also break easy when shuffled together or dropped on the floor. The Brazilian crystals are as hard as Arkansas ones, but can still get dinged up.