NO Ferrets Available for Adoption

More updates coming soon!

We want to emphasize that we do have a wait list, and we never know when a ferret comes here and when they are ready to go. We like saying this all revolves around Divine Timing! So please, get on the wait list if you're serious about wanting a ferret.

We just want to make sure the ferrets have the best home possible. We encourage free roam above all but understand when a cage is partially needed for the ferret's safety at times. Just remember, these are sentient beings with personalities, and are not ornaments to be brought out when YOU want to play. Try to see through the eyes of the ferret, staring through bars at you. How would it make you feel? These are rescues and they usually have issues due to cages.

We get a lot of ferrets that are older or have medical problems, too, that we usually have to take care of on our own. If you have the ability to take care of a Special Needs fur baby, please let us know on our message form.

Consider what pets you currently have, especially dogs. Can you guarantee the safety of the ferret as it free roams? If not, get a gerbil. When it comes to cats, ferrets eat on the floor, and so do cats. Cat food is terrible for them; it's a fast track to disease due to pea products. Consider the cats safety, too; ferrets play hard! But we currently have a ferret here that was mauled by a cat recently! 

Also consider your children's maturity level when it comes to owning ferrets. Kids are great with them but must remember that ferrets are fragile and can easily be hurt.

If after all that you still want a ferret, please consider the following who are available. Fill out the message form on the Contact  page, and we will get back to you shortly.

Donations are always accepted but not required!


We appreciate your interest but think it over! I've had people contact me then float away, never a peep again. Then my inner Karen comes out, and it's worse, cuz I'm a FERRET MOM! I don't mess around when it comes to their well-being. Sure, ask questions but let me know, hey or nay, what your intentions are. The ferrets are waiting for a loving home, don't get in the way!